Spring Garden Plant Sale

Each spring we grow organic vegetable starts for local gardeners who what to garden organically right from the get go.  May 10 to June 7.  More information and a list of available plants is here. Please contact us with your order or if you would like visit our greenhouse and browse the plants in person, please make an appointment to visit.


CSA  &  E-Commerce

We improved our CSA program and transformed it into an E-Commerce program.  Each week we send a reminder to interested families an invitation to order exactly what they need from our available produce at MorningSideProduce.com  Browse our available produce, select the amounts you need and pickup your order, at the farm, on Tuesday between 4pm and 6pm. An invoice will be emailed to you to pay with an electronic check.  Please contact us to be placed on our weekly email reminder list.



We are now taking applications for our 2018 Crew positions.  Please utilize the application linked below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Growing Practices

MorningSide Farm is a Certified Organic vegetable farm.

We have put into production, land that has been ignored by modern agriculture for over 50 years.  Consequently, it is free of the common chemical compounds found on conventional farms today.

To manage fertility cover crops are planted in the fall to stabilize the soil, sequester nutrients and add biomass to the soil. Our soil is fortified with compost from regional livestock farms.  It is further amended and balanced with naturally occurring and organically approved minerals.

To extend Ohio’s growing season, we have constructed 4 high-tunnels that cover a total of 7200 square feet.  These unheated, metal-framed structures are covered with a sturdy clear plastic film.  Inside the buildings, crops are planted into meticulously balanced soil.  The buildings shelter crops from extreme cold temperatures, precipitation and wind.  Consequently we have fresh crops to harvest an additional 4 months each year.

When available, we choose organically produced seeds.  For our greenhouse, we blend our own organic potting soils.  The greenhouse is heated with wood grown and cut on the farm.

We control weeds with crop rotation, plastic and wood chip mulch, and mechanically.  And when all else fails, painstakingly by hand.

We control insects and microbial pests with crop rotation, mulch, floating row cover, beneficial microbes and organically approved biologically based agents.

Our crops are promptly harvested when ripe and delivered fresh.