Spring Garden Plant Sale

Each spring we grow organic vegetable starts for local gardeners who what to garden organically right from the get go.  May 10 to June 7.  More information and a list of available plants is here. Please contact us with your order or if you would like visit our greenhouse and browse the plants in person, please make an appointment to visit.


CSA  &  E-Commerce

We improved our CSA program and transformed it into an E-Commerce program.  Each week we send a reminder to interested families an invitation to order exactly what they need from our available produce at MorningSideProduce.com  Browse our available produce, select the amounts you need and pickup your order, at the farm, on Tuesday between 4pm and 6pm. An invoice will be emailed to you to pay with an electronic check.  Please contact us to be placed on our weekly email reminder list.



We are now taking applications for our 2018 Crew positions.  Please utilize the application linked below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Employment Opportunities


MorningSide Farm is a small, highly productive USDA Certified Organic Vegetable Farm in Hinckley, Ohio.  We are located midway between the large urban areas of Cleveland and Akron that supply us with an educated and eager clientele. The region also offers a wide range of residential possibilities as well as cultural and lifestyle opportunities.   The farm’s agenda is to provide our customers with high quality organic produce at a fair price. We achieve quality by growing organically and value by working efficiently.  Balanced soils with high organic matter, raised beds, plasticulture and drip irrigation all contribute to the superior flavor, appearance and nutritional value of our crops.   To make the most of the small footprint of our farm, we plan meticulously to best utilize every inch of the land we cultivate.  Often we are able to plant and harvest two or more crops in a given plot each year. Many popular crops are planted a dozen or more times a  year and harvested weekly throughout the season.   We are a 12-month farm.  With a heated germination greenhouse and 4 high tunnels, we remain productive all year long. Also through a keen understanding or our climate, soils and crops, we keep our fields productive long before and after what conventional growers expected in the past.   Our largest distribution channel is famers markets.  However we enjoy expanding demand from local chefs who appreciate high quality produce.  We also serve local CSAs and wholesale distributors.

Available Positions

Assistant Manager: For the experienced candidate wanting to assume the next level of responsibility.  You will be expected to work independently and efficiently utilize the assistance of laborers and apprentices.  Daily you will observe, analyze and create solutions to maximize everyone’s efforts and the quality of our produce.   After mastering our production and vending practices, our Assistant Manager can learn the business end of the business.  This includes helping with annual planning, cash flow, finances and human resources.

Laborer:  For the candidate who loves farm work, physical labor and working in the elements.  We try to schedule each day’s activities and add variety to manage the stress of physical and repetitive labor.

Apprentice:  For the candidate primarily interested in an education opportunity. We make a special effort in explaining all of our practices to our apprentices.

Everyone will be involved with the following:

Nurturing Crops: Amend soil, prepare soil, shape and mulch beds, plant seeds and plugs, cultivate, manage pests and irrigation

Harvest & Pack: Harvest per demand, wash & pack

Vending: Load vehicles, deliver, set-up displays, assist customers

Farm Maintenance: Keep work areas clean & organized, mow, field cleanup, clean and repair equipment

All candidates are required to participate at one or more farmers markets. We believe that every associate, to best understand what we do and why we do it, must experience the entire life cycle of our products from seed to the customer’s hand.   While we are mindful of the scientific, ecological, and social realms a modern farm exists within, above all else we view MorningSide Farm as a business. To remain viable, we must meet the expectations of our customers.  Every member of our team must first and foremost share the agenda of the farm. Your goal must be to complete each task correctly and efficiently.  Our best associates quickly learn our systems and work independently as well as harmoniously collaborate with others. Ideal candidates must have a positive attitude, appropriate social skills, enjoy vigorous physical labor, be flexible and eagerly respond to the demands of the weather, our crops and our customers.  Only those with a strong work ethic should consider farm labor. Farm work requires enormous energy, common sense and exceptional problem solving skills.

We are a drug, alcohol and cigarette free workplace. Candidates must have a car for transportation. No pets.   Full time hours are 45-50 hours a week.  Full time positions are available from March through November.

Compensation: We believe that people should be paid for their work.  No intern scams here. Hourly wages will be offered commensurate with position and experience.